Personalised English for all ages: Pre-schoolers ~ Secondary shcool.

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Are you struggling with your school English courses? Are you having trouble completing your schoolwork? Would you like to improve your grades and confidence?
English can turn out to be either a piece of cake or a labyrinth. Knowing the language's complex and varied pedigree (most of it derives from Latin & Greek) and how famously tricky English can be, I deliver mainly personalised classes. Sessions are carefully designed to fit one's needs and emphasise all 4 language skills to help one develop their linguistic skills and achieve their goals. Embark on an exciting journey with me and take your language skills to ... the next level!
I am an English Language and Literature graduate (Hons) and a Teaching Diploma Holder (Distinction) (Hons) from CCL UK, with extensive teaching experience.

Levels: Pre-schoolers ~ IGCSE/GCE Level/Exam level.
Pre-schoolers: 45 minutes 2 times per week 10.00 e per session.
Primary Edu: 60 minutes 2 times per week 12.50 e per hour.
Secondary Edu: 75 minutes 2 times per week 12.50 e per session.
Discount: Family members. Availability on weekends and holidays: 12:00 am - 20:00 pm.
Missing classes due to illness: Rescheduled within 2 weeks! NO refunds!
Fees: Paid in advance; depending on classes. In person, in cash.

For further info contact me on 99-960045 after 10 am. I'm not an early bird! Thanks for visiting.

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