About us

Our story

The Marketplace Pin was created in 2016 and through a lot of effort, work and planning of the website, it managed to be presented to the public in 2022 with a high response from the public of the Cypriot market.

The Marketplace Pin supports the Cypriot private and business market for a better future in the Cypriot market.

The purpose of Marketplace Pin is to help individuals, small and large businesses by facilitating the way of advertising their products with less cost of time and money.

By listening carefully to individuals and businesses we made sure to add any functionality to Marketplace Pin in a way that fits everyone's needs without any difficulty.

With great care, we designed the Marketplace Pin to be friendly and simple so that everyone can understand how it works and take advantage of it.

Marketplace Pin's goal is to be loved by the public of the Cypriot market and in the future to expand abroad as well, so that we can build a culture where people will share more and waste less.

We believe it is good for the society we live in today to develop this platform.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations.