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Piano Lessons for all ages

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1.Limassol, Limassol (21 August, at 14:27)
A 90-Minute Private Greek Tuition 1

A 90-Minute Private Greek Session for adults and a 60-Minute for children are offered by a passionate Philologist. Ackn...

Anthoupolis, Nicosia (18 August, at 18:25)
Learn Greek in Cyprus as a foreign language, September 2022 4

Greek Language Courses in Cyprus, 19th September 2022 Learn4Good Larnaca is a Greek language centre with an establish...

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Kiti, Larnaca (16 August, at 11:35)
France Lessons 1

We propose 2 main courses: French for beginners and Intermediate French. Each course includes 12 free french lessons. W...

1.Limassol, Limassol (6 July, at 20:56)
Русский язык  как родной и как иностранный для детей  и взрослых . 1

Уважаемые родители! Приглашаем детей и взрослых на занятия индивидуально и в небольших группах (по 5-6 чел.): 1) русс...

Mesa Geitonia, Limassol (28 March, at 14:54)
New Greek Language Courses in Cyprus, 2nd March 2022 5

New Greek Language Courses in Cyprus, 2nd March 2022 Learn4Good Larnaca is a pioneering Greek language center with an e...

Kiti, Larnaca (25 January, at 19:43)
English Private Classes - Ατομικά Μαθήματα Αγγλικών 1

EXCLUSIVELY Private Tuition is offered by an English Language and Literature Graduate (1st Class Ηons) GPA 3.91/4 and a ...

Anthoupolis, Nicosia (14 Dec. 2021, at 13:56)
New Year Greek Language Courses in Cyprus January 2022 5

New Greek Language Courses in Cyprus for 2022! Having completed seven rounds of Greek language courses in 2021, here ...

Kiti, Larnaca (7 Dec. 2021, at 21:19)
Greek lessons 1

Private one to one greek lessons or tutoring on line from your home.

Aglandjia, Nicosia (24 Nov. 2021, at 19:33)
Частные уроки греческого языка 1

Преподаю греческий язык, греческий язык с нуля

Engomi, Nicosia (11 Jul. 2021, at 08:44)
Ιδιαίτερα Φιλολογικά Μαθήματα 1

Γειά σας! Ονομάζομαι Γιάννης και είμαι έμπειρος Φιλόλογος με Μεταπτυχιακό από πανεπιστήμιο της Αγγλίας. Παραδίδω ιδιαίτε...

Tseri, Nicosia (6 Jun. 2021, at 14:14)