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Language is an impressive human achievement. It is wise to cultivate all four skills, to avoid weaknesses when focusing on a second language. Knowing the language's complex and varied pedigree and how famously tricky English can be, I offer "exclusively private tuition"! As a fiercely committed educator, with professional experience spanning over 20 years, I've helped pupils (public & private schools) value the significance of education in our lives and improve their grades, bilingual children gain confidence, Uni students meet their academic obligations and adults Greek and Non-Greek speaking people overcome language barriers, develop their English and Greek language and communication skills and improve their professional life; always with zeal and respect for the educators function. I build and sustain excellent relationships with students fostering an environment of anticipation towards sessions. Private tutoring, along with a few years of teaching small groups of people, has led me to develop a skill set relevant to the teacher role you are asking for, including personalised learning approaches and techniques in teaching, organisation and time management, as well as creativity and motivational skills.
Qualifications & Services Offered:
I am an English Language and Literature Graduate BA (First Class Ηons) GPA of 3.91/4. Additionally, I hold a Teaching Language Diploma (Distinction) from the Central College of London UK (on scholarship).
Pre-school pupils: 45 Min/s 10 E 1 or 2 times per week
Elementary pupils: 60 Min/s 10 E 2 times
Gymnasium pupils: 60 Min/s 12 E 2 times
Lyceum pupils: 75 Min/s 15 E 2 times
Uni students: 90 Min/s 22.50 E 2 times
Professionals: 90 Min/s 22.50 E 2 times
OR: 120 Min/s 30 E 1 time per week
Intensive Classes: 3 to 5 times per week; depending on difficulty
Pupils' Home Tuition: YES 20 to 35 E; depending on distance
Pupils' Home Group Tuition: YES 20 to 25 E; depending on group size
Adults' Home Tuition: NO
Consultation and Introduction: FREE of charge!
Weekends & Holidays: YES
Makeup Classes: YES
Hours: 12:00 am to 9:30 pm.
ALSO: * Translations from Greek to English & vice versa. * Grammar and Syntax Corrections. * Proofreading of articles, summaries, presentations, etc. Thank you for your time.

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